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I love libraries. The thrill of a new-to-me stack of books to explore has always brought me joy. Now with the internet, the resources available for exploration are amazing! This month, I'd like to “zoom in” on several helpful quilting resources available to all for free: The Quilt Index, Quilting Hub, and the Global Quilt Connection.

The Quilt Index ( is a digital repository of thousands of images, stories and information about quilts and their makers drawn from hundreds of public and private collections around the world. You can search for traditional quilts from the 1800s through modern art quilts by pattern name, location, time period, or artist. There are also gems like historic correspondence about quilts.

The Quilting Hub ( helps one find quilting resources worldwide, such as quilt shops, shows, guilds, museums, etc. I searched for quilt guilds in Maryland and found many of our local guilds, but not ours! I was able to add an entry about our guild for no cost. My impression is that as more items are added to the hub over time, it will become a valuable go-to resource.

The Global Quilt Connection ( gives an opportunity for quilt teachers to showcase their talents and available lectures and workshops for guilds or for anyone interested in researching quilt teachers. You can search for teachers by technique and then watch a short video where they describe their lectures and workshops.

I hope you take some time to peruse these resources and that they are helpful to you. Of course, our greatest resource is each other! Thanks go to Sandy Dunning for offering to conduct a mini-workshop at our August meeting on making a pincushion from vintage blocks. I have an orphan block made by my mother that I hope to use.

If you have a resource or technique you'd like to share with the guild, let me know!

Happy quilting!

Fran Scher