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There’s something about the comradery of sewing with others that reduces stress—and we all need that right now! Last month we enjoyed sewing pincushions together on Zoom, thanks to Sandy Dunning’s leadership. It was fun to see all the variations in design, and even though we were not together in person, it still felt like we were.  Our “Sew Inspired” Bee actually met in person last month (safely outside in a park) and got a chance to catch up after a long time apart. It felt so good to see everyone.

Twenty of us will be together on Zoom this month to take Debby Kratovil’s workshop on “Pickle Dish.” For some, it will be their first time taking a workshop on Zoom. I’ve attended several that way and it works just fine. It sure is nice not having to carry my sewing machine and supplies into a venue. Also, if I forget something, it is right there!

One of the benefits of virtual workshops is that we can learn from speakers all over the world. I recently attended a virtual lecture by a speaker in Australia! It was fascinating to see the view from her studio window, which was pitch black (at midnight there), while we were in sunshine here in our time zone.

Last month, Karen Smith revealed the 2022 programs. We will have two workshops (via Zoom) next year. The first is by Cindy Grisdela in February. She will be teaching us to do improv piecing. Then in September we will make “Quilted Homes” under the guidance of Mary Mahoney. For more info, see the Programs tab on our website. We will start signups for the February workshop later this year.

Meanwhile, please join us on Zoom for Debby Kratovil’s lecture “Modern My Way: Traditional Roots, Today’s Colors” on September 9th and then “in person” at the Last Chance Trunk Stash on September 13th!

Happy Quilting,