This year’s challenge is based on your choice of a U.S. state. You can represent the state where you were born, reside in now, wish to visit, have traveled to, got married in, vacation in, etc. Also, you must use all of the colors in that state’s flag (for example, Maryland’s flag is gold, red, black and white).

You’re free to include other states, colors, and any other elements in the project. Requirements continue below. If all “rules” are not followed, you are not eligible for a prize.

“Rules of the Game”:

  1. Your entry must represent a state in an obvious manner. Famous buildings, landmarks, tourist spots, maps, people, something associated with that state(hard shell crabs for Maryland for example), etc. If you add other states, you do not have to use their state flags’ colors – only the primary state’s flag colors.
  2. It has to be predominantly 3 layers (top, batting, and backing) with some cotton fabric and some quilting.
  3. There are no size, fabric/media, or shape limitations, nor what kind of item it must be. Quilts, table runners, placemats, tote bags, purses, vests/jackets, door or wall quilts, etc.
  4. You must pin a small, printed copy of the state’s flag to your entry for the judging.

First (valued at $75), second ($50) and third ($25) prizes will be awarded at the October meeting with the members voting. Have fun!!!