Happy New Year!

Our January 12 Program (social time starts at 6:15) will be a theme of “Fun and Games”.  There will be games to play and lots of prizes to win.  In fact, there will be a prize drawing every fifteen minutes!  (Thanks to Sew ‘N Place, Sew ‘N Sweep, and Charlotte’s Cottage for providing some of our prizes!)  Everyone will go home with at least one prize selected from the Prize Table.  What better way to spend a cold winter’s night than playing games with friends?

One of our games is a modified version of “Strip Poker”.  Some of you may remember this from a few years ago.  To play you will need to bring 20 – 25, 2 ½ inch strips x WOF.  You may use jelly roll strips or cut your own.  These will be used as you “ante up” for each round.  As in all games of chance, you could go home with a large stash of 2 ½ inch strips or only just a few.  But you will have FUN playing with your fellow quilters!

You will also need to bring one yard of ugly fabric with the selvedges cut off.  Curious?  Come to the meeting and find out what we will be doing with ugly fabric!

Individually packaged "snacks" will be available, but you will need to bring your own drink.

Bundle up for a January's evening of fun at the Delaplaine!