Joan Watkins, President
Joan Watkins, President

Life presents us with many challenges. I certainly don’t need to elaborate on that!

I’ll write instead about good challenges—quilting challenges.

Sometimes we challenge ourselves in learning new techniques, making things fit, and putting colors together. Then there are the formal challenges.

Some fabric manufacturers and magazines present challenges. Hoffmann and Cherrywood come to mind. These take the challenge concept to a national or even international level. Works are submitted and selected for traveling exhibits. Having work accepted can be euphoric!

I like our small local challenges better, though. It’s friendly competition at most, but essentially competition with oneself to make something different or better than before. I think most quilt guilds have challenges. Usually there are some rules involving size, fabrics, or themes. These encourage us to develop our talents, sometimes unknown talents, and stretch our creativity. I recently completed my challenge piece for Four County Quilters, and the one for Clustered Spires is still in the design/thinking stage of development. Round robins present the challenge of working with someone else’s composition. I find that the most challenging.

The best thing about challenges is the reward of accomplishment!

I see our August meeting involves handwork. Now that’s a challenge for me!

See you there,