Joan Watkins, President
Joan Watkins, President

July 2018 President’s Message

After our June board meeting at the library, I wandered into the quilting book area. There I found an interesting title, “Dare to be Square” by Boo Davis. I thought, that should be easy. My kids always thought I was square! It’s a fun read, with projects that range from quirky to weird. All of them are made with only squares and rectanglesbecause straight seams are easy to stitch!”

The advice Boo gives in the introduction is worth sharing. “Not only do you have permission to take a few shortcuts, you also have full permission to make mistakes. Embrace goof-ups like misaligned seams, wobbly stitching, and bunching. Err on the side of the unusual with overlooked fabrics and oddball color combinations. A quilt should be as complex and perfectly imperfect as you.”

If you want to smile while you learn some basic quilting skills, check out this book.

Looking forward to seeing everyone create fun and interesting pieces at the July 5 meeting! See you there.